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Kefalonia Beaches | Best Beach Guide | Discover all Kefalonian Beaches

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Kefalonia Beaches | Discover the most beautiful Beaches

Cephalonia’s intricate coastline conceals fascinating alternative and unique beaches that will suit even that most demanding visitor. There are beaches that are organized and cosmopolitan or secluded and deserted, small hospitable gulfs or large impressive beaches, with small, white pebbles or sand that is golden or red. Whatever your preference, they all entice you to dive into the calm, crystal waters. The fluttering blue flags certify the waters are not only majestic, but crystal clean. 

Kephalonia’s most-frequented beaches are those in the area of Lassi, the island’s most well-developed tourist resort situated at a short distance from Argostoli. Although frequented, Makris Yialos with its fine golden sand still remains an easily accessible dreamy beach. This is one of the most organized beaches on the island. It is suitable for those that want to combine entertainment, relaxation and recreation given that it has a life-guard, beach bars, abundant deckchairs and umbrellas, a volley-ball court, specially designed area for beach racket ball as well as facilities and equipment for water sports. Right next to it Platis Yialos beach is much smaller, less cosmopolitan, but equally beautiful!

Continuing south, the road leads to the area of Livathos, which has splendid scenery, traditional settlements and infinite beaches along the coast, the most well-known are Minies, Ammes and Avithos. These beaches are quiet and reasonably organized comprising of beach bars, deck-chairs, umbrellas and parking. The beach that stands apart from the rest also has a strange name Ai-Helis is ideal for the beach volley lovers and combines both swimming and playing. The beach is accessible by car up to a certain point followed by walking and a few steps that have been carved into the mountain to facilitate visitors.

Continuing down the Argostoli-Poros main road, we come across Moussata village. At this point there is a descending road to Trapezaki which has amazing sandy beaches and numerous pine trees. Even though the beach has deckchairs and umbrellas, there are plenty of areas where you can enjoy the sun and sea. This particular beach has warm shallow waters and is indicated for families with children. When in Vlahata, a road to the right leads to the seaside village of Lourdata. At this point you will find a fantastic arched beach with both white sand and pebbles called Lourdas. This is an organized, relatively-frequented beach with numerous tavernas and reastaurants along its coastal zone.  

The main road continues onto the area of Eliou, another area with an endless coastline, but with smaller beaches. The beach that stands out is the calm and easily accessible beach at Koroni with its exceptional sandy beach and crystal clear waters. In the busy summer months you will also find a canteen and deck-chairs.

After you reach Katelio, on the road to the Skala, you will be able to see the cape of Mountas in the distance. A descending road that starts at Ratzakli village leads to the extensive sanding, shallow beaches of Potamakia and Kaminia Beaches. A small section of these beaches is allocated for deckchairs and umbrellas, however being reasonably quiet, thay are ideal for windsurfing. The Caretta-Caretta turtles visit the beaches along the cape of Mountas every summer in order to lay their eggs, so great caution is required by visitors.

At the island’s most southern point you will find Skala. This is a favourite tourist resort with an organized beach and magnificent waters. A small pine tree forest, which offers unique scenery, separates the village from the beach. The beach comprises of canteens, a large number of deckchairs and umbrellas and heaps of water sports. Short tours with glass bottom boats head off from this point to explore the bottom of the ocean, which is home to the shipwrecked ‘’Perseas’’ submarine.

The sea route from Skala to Poros is one of the most fascinating in all of Cephalonia. Rent a boat, sea-bicycle or canoe and discover hidden sandy beaches and coves. During this trip you will come across beautiful remote beaches such as Kako Lagadi, Limenia and Makria Petra.

From the large town of Sami a small road leads to Antisamos, an elliptic pebbled beach that is surrounded by vendurous mountain slopes. Understandably, the coast of Antisamos constituted the natural setting for the movie ‘’Captain Corelli’s mandolin’’. The view from above takes your breath away! This is the only organized beach in the broader area and comprises of a beach bar, abundant deckchairs and umbrellas, sea-bicycles, canoe and kayak and in combination with its easy access, it is rather appealing and frequented during the summer.

At a short distance from Sami, you will find the picturesque harbour of Aghia Efimia. Along this road you will find beautiful, remote pebbled coves, which you can access by going down stairs that start at the top of the road, or by going down a specially created pathway. The deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea have Ithaca as a backdrop.

Passing through the Pylarou valley, you will find yourselves on the western side of the island. A steep descending road, which starts at Diavarata leads to the splendid Myrtos beach. The transparent waters, white sand and small white pebbles, no doubt classes Myrtos beach as the most beautiful beach on the island with extremely deep waters (at a distance of 2 m from the shore, you’re in open waters!). From high up the stunning turquoise scenery can be seen for miles. Along the beach you will find canteens, deckchairs and umbrellas. Access to the beach is easy by car, although special attention has been given to people with mobility problems. There are special car parking spaces and toilets and there is also a vehicle that safely drives onto the beach. Given that sea and swimming open our appetite, plenty of tavernas can be found at only a short distance, in the village of Divarata.

Erissos continues on from Myrtos. As you drive along the main road you will come across the traditional village of Assos located at the beginning of the small peninsula, although if you pass through the peninsoula of Erissos you will find yourself in the exquisite, picturesque settlement of Fiscardo. On your way there you will come across the idyllic, white-pebbled beaches of Aghia Ierousalim, Emplysi , Dafnoudi and Foki.

At the Paliki peninsula the scenery changes and the beaches do not resemble the others on Cephalonia. To the right of the crossroads, in the direction of Zola and on the road to Lixouri is the gulf of Aghia Kyriaki , a large beach with small, white pebbles and azure waters, quaint fish tavernas and a fascinating view.

The closest organized beach to Lixouri is Lepeda, which comprises of red sand and a somber rock in the middle of the sea. There is an infrastructure for beach volley, boat or canoe rental or you can even go on foot to the ruins of the Cave Monastery of Aghia Paraskevi.

The red sand on Xi beach offers unique scenery to visitors. The beach was given this anme due to its strange shape, which resembles the respective letter in the Greek alphabet, and stretches from Mega Lakkou beach until way passed Kounopetra. In the winter the landscape offers a wild beauty, whereas in the summer it glows and buzzes with life. The beach has an organized infrastructure for many water sports, a beach bar, deckchairs and umbrellas and is ideal for the younger swimmers due to its waters being shallow and warm. Furthermore, from Xi beach you can visit ‘’Vardianoi’’, the islet in front of it, by boat.

A little further up from the monastery of Kipoureon, on your way to Kaminarata village, you will come across the unspoilt beach of Platia Ammos. Access to this beach is easier by sea, or for the more adventurous that prefer land, there is a steep path along the cliff with a lot of stairs. One thing is for sure, the crystal clear waters are worth it! Don’t forget to take supplies with you, such as water, some fruit and an umbrella. After you have visited Platia Ammos don’t forget to watch the sunset from the balcony of the Monastery Kipoureon.

The beautiful Petani beach is situated on the western side of the Paliki peninsula and for many it is the rival of Myrtos beach! From high up, the landscape resembles a portrait, whilst access can be gained either by boat or on foot. A section of the beach has deckchairs and umbrellas, while the area is famous for its fish tavernas.

Two kilometres from Athera village is Porto Athera, a picturesque beach with green waters.  Ecept for the scenery, you can also enjoy some mezedes (snacks), while the waves lap the sand. On the southern coast of Paliki, at Vatsa, is a charming cove with sand and pebbles. A temple dedicated to Poseidon once stood there. Nowadays, in that same position is the church of Aghios Nikolaos.

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